“Me” Time




As a busy mother with a full time job and going to school full time it is hard to find time for me. I give all my time to everyone else, especially my children and never take time for myself.

You cant help others if you don’t help yourself

So when you become a paramedic the first thing they teach you is scene safety. We are no good to anyone if we get injured.  Its easy to get wrapped up in the never ending to do list. It never seems like the right time, and you generally feel guilty. (or at least I do) However, GO! you have to take care of yourself to keep your sanity.

Risks of not giving yourself breaks

When you fail to give yourself breaks; you are more susceptible to multiple things. Such as depression, burnout, headaches, and backaches. These are just a few complications. I have personally experienced burnout and it is very hard to recover from. I am extremely irritable and experience many physical symptoms. It is hard to take a step back and know when to take a break. 

I’m guilty of neglecting myself, and even though I usually plan my days out, somehow my “mommy time” always got lost in the shuffle of my day.  It is extremely important to spend time with your children. However, if you do not give yourself alone time you can not be the best you can be.

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