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Calling all Military Wives!!!

What is the FRG?

If you are new to this crazy military life you are probably wondering what an FRG is. FRG stands for Family Readiness Group. Their job is to keep you informed, and support your family while your spouse is a part of that unit. Whenever you go to a new unit the FRG should contact you. However, that does not always happen. All the people that are a part of the FRG are volunteer spouses, who are dealing with the same difficulties you are.

What does the FRG do?

The FRG connects the family and the company. The FRG distributes information from command to the families, help you solve problems that may arise, and connect you to resources that are available. They do their very best to make your family feel resilient.

Why get involved?

Volunteer spouses are what makes the FRG. You can meet other spouses and be a part of the family that makes up your company. The FRG is a fantastic way to support your spouse also and help ensure that your family are always mission ready. While your spouse is deployed or away from you the FRG is where you get your information about what your soldier is doing.

So personally, I am a new military spouse. I recently just got involved in the FRG and I have had a fantastic experience. I love being able to support my husband’s company. Before my husband joined the military we both worked on an ambulance and we spent a lot of time apart. I love being able to help other people and the FRG is one more way for me to do that. Being a key caller for my husband’s FRG I have found there are many people that do not even want to be contacted by the FRG, and I do not understand why. Please get involved and be a part of the FRG.

Many do not know what the FRG is; even veteran spouses. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! The FRG fosters a supportive environment for soldiers and their families. The FRG is what you make it; you get what you put into it. Reach out to your FRG and get involved; and if your FRG is not what you would like it to be then change it. Get involved today!!!

Are you a part of your spouse’s FRG? Why or Why not?


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