Save Time and Money!!!

Who wants to save time and money on their household shopping? We all know that running a household is expensive so we need all the tips and tricks that we can get, especially if you have little ones. Me personally I really hate clipping coupons. I have a busy hectic schedule and I just don’t have time for this tedious task. I do everything that I possibly can to cut my time shopping, because we all know how hectic it is trying to shop with three children.


The amount of money I was spending every month on household and pantry essentials was ridiculous. So, I decided to look at other options. I did a lot of research on many different stores. I looked at the stores rewards programs, prices, and cost of bulk items.

So What Did I Find?

The best thing that I found was Amazon.  Amazon has multiple different programs; but their subscribe and save, and pantry are by far the best. Compared to other stores that I looked at amazon offers the same products with more quantity for a lower price. You can order things in bulk like toilet paper or laundry detergent, and have it set up to automatically deliver on a schedule. I use amazon to buy diapers and wipes for the little ones also because it is the best deal.

I absolutely love amazon subscribe and save along with prime pantry. They are a fantastic way to save time and money.  This has simplified my life so much and I am able to stock up our pantry, because as your kids get older they seem to want to eat everything in the cabinets in one sitting. So, go and check out amazon subscribe and save or visit the link at the bottom of the page, and start saving money today.

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