“Me” Time




As a busy mother with a full time job and going to school full time it is hard to find time for me. I give all my time to everyone else, especially my children and never take time for myself.

You cant help others if you don’t help yourself

So when you become a paramedic the first thing they teach you is scene safety. We are no good to anyone if we get injured.  Its easy to get wrapped up in the never ending to do list. It never seems like the right time, and you generally feel guilty. (or at least I do) However, GO! you have to take care of yourself to keep your sanity.

Risks of not giving yourself breaks

When you fail to give yourself breaks; you are more susceptible to multiple things. Such as depression, burnout, headaches, and backaches. These are just a few complications. I have personally experienced burnout and it is very hard to recover from. I am extremely irritable and experience many physical symptoms. It is hard to take a step back and know when to take a break. 

I’m guilty of neglecting myself, and even though I usually plan my days out, somehow my “mommy time” always got lost in the shuffle of my day.  It is extremely important to spend time with your children. However, if you do not give yourself alone time you can not be the best you can be.

Essential Oils are Awesome!!!

I use essential oils all the time and they are amazing.

Personally, I hate medications I know that’s ironic because I work in the medical field. I just feel like medications have terrible side effects. That is why I love essential oils because I can substitute them for medications.

What do I use them for?

So originally, I really got into essential oils because I did a lot of research on how to help my son with his ADHD. I discovered that many people had a lot of success using essential oils to help manage ADHD. I figured that it couldn’t hurt anything to try it with him and see if it helps. Guess what!!! It did we had tremendous success using oils to help my son concentrate better. So, then I started doing research on what else I could use them for. There are so many things that you can use oils for depression, cutting teeth, sleeping better, and the list goes on and on.

Are there side effects?

I have not known anyone to have side effects using essential oils. I did some research and there have been adverse reactions to essential oils when they are used inappropriately but the percentage is very low. I know doctors who use essential oils themselves.


Essential oils can get a little pricey but so can medications. I would rather pay for essential oils than pay for medications.

Now I am by no means saying that no one should take medications, because for many things medications are essential. However, essential oils are a wonderful way to assist your daily lives in many ways.

Don’t take my word for it though go and research them and make the decision yourself as always this is just my 2 cents.

Raising Kids With ADHD

ADHD is one of the most over diagnosed conditions in children. My 8-year-old son was diagnosed with ADHD in first grade. I have done a crazy amount of research and read countless books on how to manage his ADHD.


Personally, I hate medications for children. They have a ridiculous amount of side effects. The whole purpose of ADHD medications is to change the brain chemistry, which can have serious side effects in children. My son does not take medications. There are many other ways to manage ADHD besides using medications.

Managing ADHD

Keeping children with ADHD on a strict schedule is very helpful. Children with ADHD need structure to help them cope with their condition. Enroll your child in sports to help them channel some of their energy.  Also make sure to give them clear precise instructions. Another thing that I have that has helped my son is essential oils.

For Working Moms

So…. trying to raise and manage a child with ADHD with a crazy schedule of your own can be a little like a circus. It can be even more stressful working and managing your child’s ADHD.  The best advice I can give you is planning. I make countless schedules, lists, and written out instructions for the sitter.  Time management is your best friend to be able to make sure you are giving your child the best chance at success.

One of my biggest annoyances as a mother of a child with ADHD is that people automatically label him. I also that hate that teachers try to pressure me to put him on medications. They are teachers not doctors and should not be telling me to put my child on medication. That being said, I work very closely with my son’s teachers to make sure that he is successful. Managing a child with ADHD is a lot of work whether they are on medication or not. It can be overwhelming a lot of the time, but hang in there. Do not let anyone else tell you what is best for your children you know them better than anyone.




Get involved with your FRG



Calling all Military Wives!!!

What is the FRG?

If you are new to this crazy military life you are probably wondering what an FRG is. FRG stands for Family Readiness Group. Their job is to keep you informed, and support your family while your spouse is a part of that unit. Whenever you go to a new unit the FRG should contact you. However, that does not always happen. All the people that are a part of the FRG are volunteer spouses, who are dealing with the same difficulties you are.

What does the FRG do?

The FRG connects the family and the company. The FRG distributes information from command to the families, help you solve problems that may arise, and connect you to resources that are available. They do their very best to make your family feel resilient.

Why get involved?

Volunteer spouses are what makes the FRG. You can meet other spouses and be a part of the family that makes up your company. The FRG is a fantastic way to support your spouse also and help ensure that your family are always mission ready. While your spouse is deployed or away from you the FRG is where you get your information about what your soldier is doing.

So personally, I am a new military spouse. I recently just got involved in the FRG and I have had a fantastic experience. I love being able to support my husband’s company. Before my husband joined the military we both worked on an ambulance and we spent a lot of time apart. I love being able to help other people and the FRG is one more way for me to do that. Being a key caller for my husband’s FRG I have found there are many people that do not even want to be contacted by the FRG, and I do not understand why. Please get involved and be a part of the FRG.

Many do not know what the FRG is; even veteran spouses. DO NOT BE THAT PERSON! The FRG fosters a supportive environment for soldiers and their families. The FRG is what you make it; you get what you put into it. Reach out to your FRG and get involved; and if your FRG is not what you would like it to be then change it. Get involved today!!!

Are you a part of your spouse’s FRG? Why or Why not?



Flying Kids

Recently my husband and I took our first trip flying with children. Which for anyone who has ever done it is like trying to herd cats. So….. what did I learn from this wonderful experience?

Under One-years-old

  1. A baby carrier is a must for little ones. We have an 8-month-old and trying to maneuver a stroller around the airport would just be a pain and one more thing that you must keep track of.
  2. Having your diaper bag within arm’s reach always is essential. We were stuck on the tarmac for a while and had put the diaper bag above the seat. To say the least she was a little unbearable for a while.
  3. Do not put baby to sleep in a carrier before takeoff. They make you take baby out of the carrier during takeoff. Which for my daughter just makes things worse.
  4. Give baby a bottle during takeoff and landing to help alleviate popping ears.

Over Two

  1. Bring entertainment, children get bored easily so be sure to have plenty of things to keep them entertained. (Tablets, games, ect.)
  2. Make sure that they eat before you bored the plane. Many children get motion sickness more often when they have an empty stomach.
  3. Bring gum or suckers, this will help with ears popping on the plane.
  4. Bring blankets for the kids, they will hopefully go to sleep.


  1. Personally, I like to take benadryl to make me a little bit sleepy so that I can relax more.
  2. Try to get seating with more leg room if you are carrying a baby.
  3. Bring a pillow to try to make yourself more comfortable.

Well there is my two-cents on flying with children hopefully it is helpful to someone else. Over all our flight with our children was very good I hope yours is too.

Save Time and Money!!!

Who wants to save time and money on their household shopping? We all know that running a household is expensive so we need all the tips and tricks that we can get, especially if you have little ones. Me personally I really hate clipping coupons. I have a busy hectic schedule and I just don’t have time for this tedious task. I do everything that I possibly can to cut my time shopping, because we all know how hectic it is trying to shop with three children.


The amount of money I was spending every month on household and pantry essentials was ridiculous. So, I decided to look at other options. I did a lot of research on many different stores. I looked at the stores rewards programs, prices, and cost of bulk items.

So What Did I Find?

The best thing that I found was Amazon.  Amazon has multiple different programs; but their subscribe and save, and pantry are by far the best. Compared to other stores that I looked at amazon offers the same products with more quantity for a lower price. You can order things in bulk like toilet paper or laundry detergent, and have it set up to automatically deliver on a schedule. I use amazon to buy diapers and wipes for the little ones also because it is the best deal.

I absolutely love amazon subscribe and save along with prime pantry. They are a fantastic way to save time and money.  This has simplified my life so much and I am able to stock up our pantry, because as your kids get older they seem to want to eat everything in the cabinets in one sitting. So, go and check out amazon subscribe and save or visit the link at the bottom of the page, and start saving money today.

Learn To Save A Life!!

Just imagine that you are sitting with one of your family members and suddenly, they clutch their chest and fall over. You are panicked and you notice they are not breathing. Would you know what to do?

Over the weekend I re-certified in CPR, and it still amazes me how many people do not know CPR. It is so important to know how to do CPR and first aid.

What is CPR?

CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. I know big words so we will just stick with CPR. It is a combination of providing chest compression and breaths, until first responders arrive.

How does it work?

Whenever someone requires CPR their heart is not working properly and there for unable to pump blood throughout the body. There is only a very brief time frame that the brain can go without oxygen before a person can have irreversible brain damage. By performing CPR, you are pumping blood to the vital organs of the body. Until the malfunction in the heart can be corrected.

Why is it important to you?

Knowing CPR is important for you to know because you never know when you will need to use it. Obviously working on an ambulance, I have been in many situations where I have needed to use CPR. However, for most people that is not the case. When someone needs CPR, there is only a short amount of time to act. When someone starts CPR before the ambulance gets there that person’s chance of survival is much higher. As a mother, I had a close call when my oldest was young. We were at a restaurant and he started choking on a chip. I pulled him out of the high chair his face was turning blue and I hit him on the back five times and the chip came out. This was probably the scariest 30 seconds of my entire life. This just goes to show that you never know when you will need to know how to do CPR. So go and contact your local hospital, or red cross and go and take a CPR class today. For my fellow military families, they offer free CPR on almost every post. Go and learn to save a life so you can be there when it counts.